What is a Mortgage Broker?

What is a Mortgage Broker?

For someone familiar with the concept of home loans in Australia and other places, it isn’t at all a silly question to answer. 

On the contrary, if you are unfamiliar with the concept and do not have sufficient experience in buying or acquiring properties, then it isn’t a term that any layman would waste time pondering about, and to be more candid, finance isn’t an engrossing subject to talk about unless it is related to your monetary gains. 

In a very simple term, devoid of any jargon, a broker happens to be a mortgage expert who will always be there to facilitate you for the entirety of your loan. They have a database full of lenders, such as the best mortgage lenders in Australia, who are all wanting your business. Their primary responsibilities are the following- 

  1. Negotiating with lending institutions, such as the best home loan lenders, to help you figure out the appropriate deal for an amazing price.
  2. Perform the paperwork for you, if the situation demands.
  3. Can arrange special discounts on your behalf

So, the bottom line is that a mortgage broker will be there to support you through one of the major significant financial agreements of your life. Your success and their success are directly proportional. That is the reason why they will do everything in their capacity to ensure that your home loan experience is a satisfying one. 

Once you are ready to start your property journey with confidence or have any queries regarding how I can help you do not hesitate to get in touch with me anytime on the Primary Phone. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing New or Existing Property

Often people ask me a question, whether to buy an established property or purchase something new. 

Similar to the fragrance that you get from a newly bought vehicle from the showroom, a few people would always prefer to have a brand-new house where earlier no one’s ever lived in. It’s devoid of defects and nothing has to be repaired. As they’re mostly built-in up-and-coming areas with brand new parks and facilities in close vicinities, new developments tend to spread across the outskirts of cities, with restricted access to public transport. 

On the contrary, existing homes are mostly established in suburbs that are close to amenities like educational institutions, hospitals, and transport. They might require a bit of paint or even a full face-lift. However, the overall cost of those repairs is minimal compared to the total valuation of the house. 

Also, you have to consider stamp duty to be an important component. If you’ve doubts regarding your eligibility for an exemption, feel free to ring me on Primary Phone or click the button below to schedule a call-back as I’m one of the best mortgage lenders in Australia well-recognized by my clients. 


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