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Our Founder

When asked about his driving purpose as a broker, founder Kapil Virmani reflected upon his career and dedicated that title to his drive to go above and beyond for his clients. With over sixteen years of experience in the finance industry, Kapil has gained the insight to know what it takes to consistently foster excellent outcomes. He has carried these values with him into his journey as an entrepreneur, and he is now the proud founder and owner of Think Mortgage.

Before conceptualizing and implementing Think Mortgage, Kapil was a franchise owner for over five years. Through this experience, he learned about what it takes to build a business to the point of becoming an award-winning establishment for both growth and client experience. In addition, he worked alongside the Westpac/BT Finance Group, where he achieved the role of state manager for South Australia (SA), the Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania (TAS).

Our Values

Throughout his career, Kapil has maintained high ratings from his clients in the categories of professionalism and communication. He believes in creating a comfortable client experience, and so he has passed on that belief to his team at Think Mortgage. In addition, Kapil has created Think Mortgage to be a pristine lending company driven by the passion for helping clients achieve their home buying goals.

From first-time home buyers to established investors, Think Mortgage was built on the foundation of helping all clients and accepting all challenges. Our team of experts are highly analytical and trained to thoroughly observe each situation to pinpoint any and all opportunities. Therefore, we are a renowned broker for our ability to provide our clients with the best lending options every time.



Even while purchasing a new home is an exciting process, it may also feel somewhat intimidating if you lack the necessary information. Many people can get the assistance they require when purchasing a property by employing the services of a mortgage broker who offers suggestions and advice on how to make the best decision. We at Think Mortgage fall among the Best Mortgage Brokers.

A lot of people frequently use brokers. Whether you're trying to refinance an existing loan or get a new mortgage to buy a house, you must choose whether you want to work directly with a mortgage broker or a lender. Choose us, as we are among the Best Mortgage Brokers.

In this regard, if you are searching for a competent mortgage broker, we would be the best option. We at Think Mortgage provide the best lending services, like Home Loans Australia, per your unique demands and preferences. So many people get our Home Loans Australia service.


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