12 Essential Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker When Buying a Home

12 Essential Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker When Buying a Home

So, you’ve decided to buy a home in Australia. The excitement is real, and we understand how significant this step is for you. To make this journey smoother, you need to partner with a mortgage broker, and asking the right questions can make all the difference. The following are the top 12 questions you should ask your mortgage broker before buying a home- 

How Much Can I Borrow? 

When determining how much you can borrow, your mortgage broker will consider your income, existing debts, expenses, and credit history. They’ll help you establish a budget and guide you in choosing a loan amount that aligns with your financial situation.  

How long have you been in the occupation of a mortgage broker? 

Experience is valuable in a mortgage broker. Your broker’s years in the field can make a big difference in how smoothly your mortgage process goes. When you deal with an experienced person, he or she can share more insights with you. 

What Types of Loans Do You Offer? 

Mortgage brokers can provide a range of loan options, including fixed-rate, variable-rate, interest-only, and more. They’ll explain each loan type and help you select one that suits your financial goals and risk tolerance.  

Do I Get Any Lender Options? 

Having choices is crucial when getting a home loan. Your mortgage broker can provide you with options from different lenders, which is incredibly beneficial. It gives you a chance to choose the lender of your preference. 

What’s My Interest Rate? 

Interest rates can significantly impact your monthly payments. Your broker will discuss the current rates, whether they are fixed (stays the same) or variable (can change), and how they affect your mortgage payments over time.  

What Are the Charges? 

In addition to interest, there are other fees involved in a mortgage, such as application fees, ongoing service fees, and settlement fees. Your broker will outline all these charges, ensuring you understand the total cost of your loan.  

What’s the Loan Term? 

Mortgage loans come with various terms, like 15-year or 30-year. Your broker will explain how the loan term influences your monthly payments, and total interest paid, and help you choose the one that aligns with your financial goals.  

Can You Help Me Get Pre-Approved? 

Pre-approval is an important step in the process of buying a home. Your broker can assist you in securing pre-approval, which demonstrates your financial credibility to real estate agents and sellers, making your offers more competitive.  

What’s the Deposit Requirement? 

Your broker will clarify how much deposit you need to secure a loan. Typically, lenders expect a deposit of at least 20% of the property’s purchase price, but some offer loans with smaller deposits.  

What Documents Do I Need to Provide? 

Your broker will provide a checklist of necessary documents, which may include bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, and more. The loan application procedure may go more quickly if these documents are prepared. 

What’s the Timeline for My Loan Approval? 

Loan approval timelines can vary, but your broker will give you an estimated timeframe based on their experience. They can also suggest strategies to ensure your application progresses smoothly.  

What Will Happen If I Am Unable to Pay? 

Life can present unexpected challenges. Your broker will explain the options available if you face difficulty making payments, such as refinancing, adjusting the loan term, or seeking financial advice to help you stay on track.  

Consult Think Mortgage Before Buying a Home: 

Thinking about these questions is the first step in your home-buying journey. But keep in mind that you don’t have to experience it alone. Think Mortgage is here to guide you. Our experts can answer all your questions, provide tailored solutions, and ensure your path to homeownership is as smooth as possible. 


The detailed answers to your questions mentioned in this article will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when working with your mortgage broker. Buying a home is a significant milestone, and it’s natural to have questions and uncertainties. Your mortgage broker is your trusted partner in this journey. By asking these essential questions, you can gain clarity, confidence, and peace of mind as you step into the world of homeownership.


No, in most cases, the lender pays the mortgage broker’s fees. This means you can benefit from their expertise without incurring extra costs.

Yes, you may still qualify for a mortgage with a low credit score, but your options might be limited. A mortgage broker can help you find suitable lenders.

Pre-qualification is an estimate of how much you might be able to borrow, while pre-approval is a more concrete commitment from a lender, based on a thorough review of your financial situation.

Absolutely, you can get a mortgage for an investment property. Your mortgage broker can help you explore different loan options for your real estate investment goals.


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